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Our History

We began this journey with one thing in mind, fulfilling customer expectations and appetites.

With  this as our motivation, Rise & Dine was born. Early in 2015, we expressed how we were continually hungry and overcharged whenever we  went out as a family.

That was something we knew others experienced and  were tired of doing so. When the time was right, early in 2017, we found  an ideal spot to open our beloved Family Restaurant.

Having  fun was the key to our menu creation as we scoured years of travel to make a menu just right and enjoyable for all who entered our  establishment.

Different types of meats and sauces that were a result of  many vacation spots and named after a host of fun memories we shared as  children. Frankly, we couldn't wait to welcome customers through the  door! March  2017, our doors opened and we were pleasantly surprised to see so many  great people walk in the door so early in our endeavor.

Rise & Dine  has gone to great lengths to prove we offer the best Brunch at the best  prices anywhere. Quality and service is what we want to feature and as  such we also buy local and from a small family run food service provider.  No big business guys for us!  

Simply put, Rise & Dine is a family restaurant, owned and operated by a family. We have been featured on CFRB 1010 and have been blessed with incredible reviews all over the internet. We are so incredibly thankful!

Some Plates to Cherish

Great Breakfast


We have the breakfast deals and taste that make your mouth water

Hot Sweet Waffles


Over a dozen different WAFFLE variations to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Scrumptious Sandwiches


A tasty, sensational sandwich that builds long friendships with just one bite. From smoked meat to grilled chicken for every ones personal taste. 

Juicy Burger & Home Fries


Insatiably layered with a savory taste that everyone loves in a burger. Always home made with 7 ounces of Grade A beef.  


The love of Pancakes


Fluffy hot buttermilk and vanilla pancakes with your favourite toppings, whether it be whipped cream, chocolate chip, maple syrup, bananas or mixed berries. You can't keep this to yourself, please let folks know.

EGGS - any style you like


From farm fresh Omelettes to Eggs Benedict, we make eggs in any breakfast style you favour ... for all members of your family.